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Brand is the sticky stuff that glues all your marketing elements to each other, and to the consumer's consciousness.

Why do people choose one product over another? More often then not, the reason is brand.

A customer experiences a product by hearing the brand name, browsing a website, glimpsing an ad, or actually using the product. Each experience shapes an idea — an impression — of the brand. The idea floats, evolving with each subsequent interaction. Purchase decisions are driven by those interactions.

In other words, your brand is what the customer thinks it is.

A brand must stand for something. People often choose brands that stand for ideas that they themselves possess, or want to possess. Your brand is a promise, a warranty of your company's core values. And your website, of course, must deliver on that promise.

brand personality

At Debbie Curtis Interactive, we believe that a website should reflect the client's brand personality in spirit, in tone, in architecture. Personality is a compelling competitive advantage, one of the strongest lures a brand can offer. A powerful personality establishes a consistent brand positioning and cements the impression of your brand in the customer's mind.

Consumers actually perceive brands as having personality traits. In fact, people often choose their brands the same way they choose their friends: In addition to skills and physical characteristics, they simply like them as people.

A brand must be more than a name on a label. To succeed in today's experience economy, brands must build relationships with customers. A brand, after all, must be bigger than a handful of attributes that can be imitated or surpassed by competitors.

brand differentiation

Marketing is a battle fought in the mind of the customer. You're fighting for mindshare. Customers always have a choice, even if your product has no competition. They can choose to buy a completely different kind of product. They can choose to buy nothing. They always have a choice.

Many companies try to compete by doing what their competitors do, in hopes of capturing a fraction of the competitor's marketshare. We identify the thing that separates you from the pack, and use that differentiating attribute to drive your benefit message. In other words, you may need to do the opposite of what your competitors do. It's been our experience that uniqueness beats trend-following every time.

A distinctive brand name differentiates. Brand personality differentiates. Great copy differentiates. A captivating website differentiates…

Because we're more than just a brand strategy shop, we have the ability to breathe life into your brand goals, and help you evolve your marketing strategy to accommodate changing customer needs and emerging market conditions.

All marketing environments are dynamic: What customers want today is not necessarily what they want tomorrow. 21st century marketing is an ongoing process of evaluation… and reevaluation. As markets shift and technologies advance, we'll help you evolve your difference to keep it relevant in emerging markets, while keeping your brand linked to its past.

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