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Contact Debbie Curtis Literary Services

Please contact us here for more information about our manuscript co-writing, ghostwriting and author coaching services.

When contacting us, please tell us about your project. And more is always better. The more details you can provide upfront, the quicker we can determine whether we're right for your project and help you determine strategy, cost and completion timeline. For example, your email should ideally include:

  • Your name and any other personal history that you believe is relevant to your project
  • Details about the subject matter and style of your book
  • Target audience for your book
  • How we can help you, how you'd like us to collaborate; for example, writing, editing, coaching
  • What you're planning to provide; for example, scoping, outline, research or other source material, draft text
  • Current length of draft manuscript, if any (pages, word count)
  • Desired length of finished manuscript (pages, word count)
  • Budget range in US $
  • Timeline for completion, any scheduling concerns

Upon receiving preliminary details about your project, we can provide samples of our work upon request.

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Located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, Debbie Curtis Literary Services provides manuscript co-writing, ghostwriting and author coaching services for clients across the globe.

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