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Writing craft and process

The first thing you should know about process is that we're not cookie-cutter writers. To us, each client is different, each book is different. And that's the way it should be.

The process of actually scoping, drafting and polishing a book is very different from or scribbling a 5-word book idea on a cocktail napkin or sketching an outline in five minutes. The prospect of finishing a book is often daunting for first-time authors. We'll work with you every step of the way to develop frames, themes, and language that will make your book relevant and resonant with your target audience.

Process varies from project to project. We have a system for ensuring that we're in sync with you (and your project goals) from day one, and on an ongoing basis. We generally prefer the drip-feed approach for delivering chapters and eliciting client feedback, revisions and expansions. We're big fans of incremental progress for book-length projects, and we believe in staying in touch with the project. Long hiatuses usually usually don't serve the book's best interests.

We'll recommend a collaboration process upfront and work with you to adapt as necessary. Process, in other words, is custom-tailored to accommodate each project's specific needs and we're always open to modifying it as the project rolls along. In fact, it's been our experience that, for projects with high aspirations, a certain amount of flexibility is often required as new ideas emerge from the process itself. The very best books evolve organically.

On writing and editing projects, the first draft you receive from us will not be our first draft — it will be a polished second or third draft — often, publishing-ready. Or we may deliver a draft that contains notes and questions designed to, for example, inspire you to expand an intriguing idea or insert missing biographical data. We then incorporate any suggestions or revisions you may have.

We're good listeners. And we know how to ask the right questions, which helps ensure that your project will not be fraught with frustration and re-writes.

We don't work with every individual who contacts us. We'll consider your book idea and project goals and offer a preliminary assessment of the idea's potential. We only enter into a client agreement when we believe that we will have the opportunity to produce quality work and a successful outcome for both of us.

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