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We live in an age where decisions are based on the briefest of encounters. Every touchpoint matters.

We believe that delight creates demand, and that captivating online experiences create affinity. We strive to create a powerful emotional experience that resonates with your customers in the first five seconds they encounter your brand.

Consumers have more product choices than ever before and less and less time to sort those choices. To further compound the choice explosion, consumers can even choose how they will receive and interact with information about those products.

This is not a passing fad. It's a permanent trend.

At the heart of every 21st-century customer interaction lies the oldest marketing principle in the book: What's In It For Me? The successful website responds to WIIFM in a matter of seconds. Sometimes the best marketing strategy is to make the complex simple.

Sometimes designing a persuasive response requires shifting your focus from What is the right answer? to Am I asking the right question? For example, instead of asking How do we reach our customers?, perhaps we should be asking How do we get our customers to reach out to us?

Some of the world's most innovative solutions were discovered because someone took the time to reframe the original question.

Everything that was comfortable about business is changing. This alternately exhilarating and frightening technology age finds us relentlessly connecting everything to everything else. In today's impatient marketplace, the brand that connects with customers wins.

The Internet transformed the way we do business at the most fundamental levels because it changed the way we interact with customers. The successful interactive marketing experience artfully synchronizes technology, creativity and human interaction. We remind ourselves daily that technology is just math. Human behavior is still the hardest code to crack.



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