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We specialize in developing book-length manuscripts, and we know what publishers are looking for. We'll work with you to craft a book that is not only commercially viable, but also more likely to attract higher offers from publishers and garner national publicity.

We have the expertise to develop books with with style, relevance and intellectual heft. And that's essential for achieving commercial success in today's ultra-competitive marketplace. With 20+ years experience in publishing and marketing, we bring to your project imagination, marketing and business savvy, and a wealth of experience writing unique, authoritative books in a conversational style that keeps readers turning pages.

Our speciality is inspiring while educating. Big words don't scare us. We're used to working with clinical, medical, legal and technical jargon. We can help you evaluate the relevance and credibility of your source material and distill complex concepts into digestible language, whether for academia or the mainstream market.

Our range of services includes:

  • Full-Length Manuscripts. We tackle books and eBooks of any size and will draft a complete manuscript from scratch, with or without research, notes, and scoping.
  • Manuscript Editing. We edit manuscripts — from minor face-lifts to intensive line editing and full-bore reconstruction.
  • Manuscript Review. Already got a manuscript? We can offer a professional opinion of your manuscript's marketability to publishers, as well as the book-buying public. We'll review your manuscript and provide an objective, detailed analysis, as well as recommend strategies for improvement.
  • Manuscript Coaching. Think you've got the write stuff but lack the experience to see the project through to completion? We offer coaching for authors who yearn to take their writing to the next level but could use some one-on-one guidance.
  • White Papers and Reports. We draft or edit long reports and substantive white papers.

We're located in Nashville, Tennessee, but we've worked with clients all across the globe. We work with clients seeking commercial publishers, as well as clients seeking to self-publish.

Our editing and ghostwriting clients include, among others: psychotherapists, surgeons, and other health care professionals, CEOs, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, attorneys, technology executives and real estate investors.

A partial listing of recent ghostwriting projects include:

  • Business development book by the CEO of a Fortune 1000 company
  • Memoir by a political figure, whose career ended in scandal
  • Autobiography of a retired doctor
  • Motivational nonfiction book on successful entrepreneurship
  • Two personal development books for a best-selling psychotherapist
  • Editing a 150,000-word novel in the thriller genre
  • A professional guide on psychological disorders and treatments that helps readers with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders and AH/HD assess whether they need psychotropic medications
  • A guide to assessing emotional stability
  • General psychology "Guide for Dummies"
  • Two books about brand identity development, brand strategy, execution and management
  • Two books about 21st Century marketing strategy
  • A nonfiction book for a popular motivational speaker
  • A how-to guide targeted to private money real estate investors
  • A retirement planning guide for baby boomers
  • A textbook for a preeminent physician
  • A financial planning guide for individuals who lack investment savvy

NOTE: In the interest of protecting client privacy and confidentiality, we do not publicly identify author-clients on our website. Discretion is a cornerstone of our stewardship.


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Located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, Debbie Curtis Literary Services provides manuscript co-writing, ghostwriting and author coaching services for clients across the globe.

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