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Reach and Optimization
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Reach and Optimization

In today's information-driven economy, a company's competitiveness can come to depend as much on how it deploys technology as it does on its reputation, product quality and employee talent.

Website optimization is about stickiness — sticking to the consumer's consciousness, sticking to the top positions in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

One of the website's great advantages as a marketing medium is its fluidity. Changes can be effected in minutes, sometimes seconds. And the smallest refinement can make an enormous difference.

Every website needs content infusions and facelifts from time to time to stay sticky and competitive. You can't hatch it, send it out in the world and forget to feed it. Neglect kills. Visitors will notice the cobwebs.

An optimized website offers unlimited potential for extending the reach of your brand. Organically driven search engine traffic can push a steady stream of customers through your doors while you sleep. SEO (search engine optimization) should be integrated into your website's code architecture and content development process from the get-go.

Competition for SERPs position is fierce. In the olden days, it was enough to simply announce your new website to the search engines, then sit back and wait for traffic to pour in. Today, you must lure the search engines with tastier bait.

Search engine marketing is a perpetually metamorphosising landscape. Search engines are constantly tweaking their ranking algorithms in an attempt to separate the wheat from the chaff, and they've become increasingly more adept at banishing the poseurs to the bottom of the SERPs.

Contrary to popular myth, it's not necessary (or advisable) to deceive the search engines in order to achieve high page ranks. We believe in ethical search engine optimization — no black hats worn here.

Instead, we focus on building useful, memorable Authority Sites. Rich, relevant content that provides a rewarding brand experience journey for the customer. Clean, forward-looking code that translates authority to mathematical algorithms that the search engines know how to interpret.

Content should be written to appeal first to humans, not search engine spiders. Search engines strive to deliver the most relevant, most useful content to the searchers. So the safest long-term strategy for seeming useful and relevant to search engines is to simply be useful and relevant.

True optimization is about precision, foresight, and ultimately meeting searcher expectations. Our rich and varied SEO experience gives us the vision to see the road ahead and optimize your website for maximum reach.

Competition for search engine rankings isn't going away. But our analytical, data-driven approach to ongoing optimization ensures that we can dynamically adjust your site when necessary to achieve your goal of delivering relevant content. The search engines will know the difference. So will your customers.

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