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Each book is a balancing act
What We Do

Debbie Curtis Literary Services provides manuscript co-writing, ghostwriting and author coaching services for select clients all across the globe. We have a proven record of transforming ideas into published, critically-acclaimed works.

Our writing is guaranteed fresh, targeted, and fluff-free. Each project we deliver is original and distinctive, designed to brand a product in the marketplace and differentiate it from its competitors. We develop engaging, substantive content that keeps readers turning (or clicking) pages, and ultimately leaves them feeling satisfied that the book delivered on its promise.

Each book is a balancing act. Each must tapdance that fine line between accomplishing commercial objectives and delivering a rewarding reader experience. We are devoted to style, elegance and lucidity, and we know from experience that adherence to these principles accomplishes both objectives. Our goal is always to craft a book that is both inspired and inspiring.

We can deliver a polished product, start to finish. Or we'll collaborate with you to provide pieces ala carte. Give us your ideas, your notes, and draft text and we'll show you how to connect with your target audience, advance your ideas and enhance your reputation as a thought leader.

We are not one of those ghost warehouse services who advertise "choose from thousands of ghostwriters." Writing a book, after all, is a one-on-one relationship; you only need one ghostwriter. The right one.

If your past experiences with ghostwriters have been frustrating, we think you'll find our work ethic to be a refreshing switch. The definition 'ghostwriter' is not meant to describe a writer who vanishes with your retainer, never to be heard from again.

If you're a first-time author, our particular brand of hands-on guidance will strengthen your skills, boost your confidence and put you one step closer to achieving your literary aspirations. We have the talent, publishing savvy and project management experience to supply whatever is necessary… scoping and conceptualization, tonal and flow adjustments, full-bore reconstruction and expansion, or final polish only.

We've been privileged to work with some extraordinary clients whose books have left a distinctive mark on the world. These rich and diverse creative experiences have allowed us to refine our own development process. This process — the process we offer our clients — will shave off years of frustration and unfulfilled dreams. This process has added millions of dollars, collectively, to our clients' bottom lines, and to the equity and value of their brands in the marketplace. It works for any book, any genre, any market segment.

Some clients call us as their "secret weapon."

So, that's our story. We'd love to help you tell yours.



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Located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, Debbie Curtis Literary Services provides manuscript co-writing, ghostwriting and author coaching services for clients across the globe.

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